Leaving Cert Music

This two-year programme covers the Leaving Cert course Listening paper and Composition papers in full detail. The music technology course, which can be used as your elective in the performance exam, is also covered in this course.

Preparation for the practical exam on your instrument must be organised separately, either here at KSM, or with your own music teacher. Please get in touch if you have any questions. You will be given all information needed to help and guide you to choose the electives that best suit your skill set.

This two Year Course is offered as extra subject for the leaving cert course. Lessons are on a weekly basis on Mondays from 8-9pm throughout the academic calendar year. 

Lessons can take place online and in person to suit those who have to travel a distance. 

The fees for this class are €300 per term. There are two terms in the KSM academic calendar. 

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