KSM Youth Choir

KSM Youth Choir is open for all singers ages 7-18 years.

We practise on Wednesdays from 6-7pm.

In April 2024 the KSM Youth Choir will will perform as part of a collaboration in the National Opera House, Wexford

KSM Youth Choir: was created especially for children and teenagers who just love singing. Under the expert direction of Angela Mahon, the KSM Youth Choir will explore all singing styles of music, exploring a wide range of repertoire which will include unison and part singing with a focus on developing the vocal technique of its members. Having a larger range of ages will allow for collaborations and more possibilities for different types of public performances.

This choir is ideal for pupils who want to explore their singing voice. We do this through a wide range of repertoire, from musical theatre songs, pop and rock songs, folk and classic songs, and  the vast range of repertoire for choirs singing in harmony.

During choir practise they will be taught about breathing, pronunciation, rhythm, pitch, melodic and harmony lines. They will also be giving training in performance skills and stage directions to suit different singing styles. This group has plenty of fun while also focusing on making weekly progress.


is open to all singers ages 7-18yrs.

The Choir is scheduled on Wednesdays from 6-7pm

Choir Membership is €170 per term