Welcome to KSM Kiltra School of Music

Run by Robert and Angela Mahon, visit Angela’s music works here http://www.angelamahon.com Both are music lovers and passionate teachers. We believe learning to love and play music is one of life’s greatest gifts, one that every man, woman and child should experience. 

In the school alongside their team of music teachers they offer tuition in a variety of different instruments to the highest standard. Music lessons are available for all ages including adult beginners, the more advanced, or those wishing to return to music. You can join in one of our classes or take a shared or individual lesson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information call us on 086 8385301 or request a call back here

At what age do you start taking children for music lessons?

Children can start lessons from as early as Montessori and Junior Infants class, its the ideal age to join the Pre-Instrumental class. Click here for more information http://kiltraschoolofmusic.ie/classes/beginner/

Is it too late for a secondary school student to start music?

Of course secondary school students can begin music lessons. They can learn the basics quiet quickly and the most important thing we look for is a desire and interest in the instrument and music.

What way are the fees charged?

Tuition fees are spread across the year into three terms. Payment is due at the beginning of each term, alternatively you can pay by a month standing order, and adult morning lessons can be payable as you go.

Does my child have to learn Music Theory?

Music Theory reinforces everything they learn with the instrument and it is essential if your child wants to go down the exam route with the ABRSM. Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory is needed before you can sit a Grade 6 exam. Music theory is also very beneficial for those taking Junior and leaving Cert Music examinations.

What age can my child start Music Theory?

We recommend the earliest age to start theory is Grade 1 in third class.

How do I book a time slot?

(Link here to sign up and request call back)

Can my child join the orchestra?

Yes once they chat with their teacher, they can recommend if they are ready and which orchestra to join. At the KSM we have two orchestra the Primary School Orchestra known as SWOPS and the KSM Concert Orchestra for Grade 5 standard and upwards.

I am an adult and I have no experience but I would love to take up lessons

The Opportunity to learn music is presented at different stages in peoples lives and we have a lot of experience teaching adults on every instrument. Please call us and we can have a chat about your interest?

How do I enrol my child for the Subsidised Music Scheme?

The Subsidised music Scheme is for the following pupils

Pupils beginning third class in the relevant year and you must be attending a Rural Primary school within a 20 km radius of the Kiltra school of Music.

Application forms are available by emailing Angela at info@kiltraschoolofmusic.ie

Do you teach Junior and Leaving Certificate Music?

Yes we do (put a link here to explain the courses and sign up for it)

How long will my child need for a lesson?

We recommend Junior Infants to have 15 mins individual lessons, After this its 30 minute lessons and fron=m Grade 6 and upwards its 45-60mins for each lesson.

Is there any discount available?

Yes we have a family discount on Instrumental lessons for individual, paired or small group lessons we offer the following discounts for siblings attending the Kiltra school of Music. 2 pupils=5%, 3 pupils =7%, 4 pupils=10%, 5 pupils=12%