Guitar Acoustic & Electric 

Guitar, we are very fortunate to have a great guitar teacher here at KSM. As well as being an expert player able to play in all styles, Michael is an excellent teacher with years of experience. For children and adults starting off, Michael can guide you from the very basics right through to advanced playing. You have the option of following the syllabus from the RockSchool of Music  for exams, there is a very clear and graded course of progress to follow. If you have some experience in playing already, Michael will be able to guide you from where you are and help you achieve further progress.


Ukulele is a very popular instrument here at KSM. It is very accessible (and very portable!), and with some hard work, it’s possible to have some songs ready to go in a relatively short space of time! Of course, Ukulele works very well for student’s of any age or ability, but it has worked particularly well for students who are starting off in Secondary School. Why? Because it gives students the option to take music as a Junior and Leaving Cert subject as they are able to reach a level suitable for practical exams, with just a few years work. There is also the option of taking RockSchool of Music exams too.