KSM Music Scholarship Program - Primary School Children

Children are welcome to apply to the KSM Music Scholarship Programme for Primary Schools once they reach third class. All children taking part in the Scholarship Program will learn to play/sing, read, write and understand music.

Children can choose the following instruments on the Primary School Level

singing, or

an instrument - violin, viola, cello or flute.

Children will also participate in a group lesson. In addition to their group lesson for singing, or instrument, children will participate in either KSM Young Voices or KSM SWOPS (South Wexford Orchestra for Primary Schools) and a class in Music Theory.

All aspects of the program need to be attended to continue on the scholarship.

Singing Program is on Wednesday from 5pm-6:30pm

Strings/Flute Program on Thursday from 5pm-6:30pm

KSM Music Scholarship Program - Secondary School Children

Once children begin Secondary School, they are invited to continue or take up the KSM Music Scholarship Program for Secondary School Children. 

All children on the Scholarship Program for Secondary School Children will join the new KSM class for Performance, Production and Recording. In the Performance, Production and Recording Class we will work together in a multi-instrument ensemble creating an arrangement of music to perform in public and also record in the KSM recording studio. All students in the Performance, Production and Recording Class will be working along the RSL RockSchool Music Production Graded Syllabus. 

For the Scholarship Program for Secondary School Children, all students will continue with music theory until they achieve Grade 5 ABRSM. In fifth and sixth year of secondary school they will then have the option of taking the Leaving Cert Music class at KSM.

It is expected that once children reach secondary school, that they sign up for an individual or shared lesson in singing or their instrument. These lessons will be separate from the Music Scholarship Program.

Places on the KSM Music Scholarship Program will be limited and certain aspects of the Program may be subject to demand.

The following criteria is required to access this scholarship.

A minimum of grade 2-3 standard is needed on flute, cello, violin or viola or singing and grade 2/3 standard in music theory.

All aspects of the program need to be attended to continue on the scholarship.

Thursdays from 6:30pm-8pm


The KSM Scholarship Program for Music Education

KSM Music Scholarship Program

In 2016 KSM founded a Scholarship Program where students, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, can learn music. Students who take part in the KSM Scholarship Program learn an instrument or singing in a group class, play/sing in an ensemble (KSM SWOPS/KSM Young Voices) and participate in a music theory class. Skills are developed in playing or singing, and in reading, writing and understanding music.

Originally, the KSM Scholarship Program was designed for Primary School children, and children can apply to join from 3rd class upwards. However, the Scholarship Program continues to grow with over 100 children being introduced to music since its foundation in 2016. New children are joining every year and some of our first Scholarship students have now either moved into, or are about to start, secondary school.

Due to the great success of the Scholarship Program we have developed a new course of study specifically designed for Secondary School Students, which will be launching in September 2021. The KSM Music Scholarship Program for Secondary School Students will be based on three elements:

Music Performance - playing/rehearsing in an ensemble with some work in composing, arranging and recording.

Music Theory - working towards Grade 5 music theory with ABRSM, which will lead to the option of studying Leaving Cert Music in fifth and sixth years

Music Technology - working in the area of Music Production and following the Music Production graded music course offered by RSL RockSchool.

Applications for 2022-2023 will be open soon. Register your interest here.