At the Kiltra School of Music (KSM) we have two subsidised music schemes for children in our surrounding communities. The vision is to build confidence through music by offering one of life’s greatest gifts.
The Music Schemes are programmes of Music Education provided by the KSM for pupils from 3rd class-up to Leaving Cert Music. Pupils will progress with public performances, instrumental/singing exams and music theory exams. The schemes are set at a nominal fee of €105 per annum and are subsided by three annual fundraising events to support the running costs/instruments etc. The fundraising events are organised by KSM and all parents and pupils on the scheme are requested to help with at least two of these fundraising events.
What does it involve?
The Music schemes are on Wednesday (5-6:30pm-Singing) or on Thursday (5-7pm-Instrumental). The children attend the KSM once a week to include music theory, instruction lessons in Instrumental or Singing.
My Child is in Fourth/Fifth/Sixth class, can they apply?
Places are awarded firstly to those starting third class in September, Preference is given to pupils already in the KSM, or who have siblings in the KSM. After this if the places have not all been filled we will look at applications from pupils in fourth/fifth/sixth class.
How do I apply?
This year in 2019 we will be accepting a further 10 pupils onto the KSM music schemes.
You apply for a place on the KSM Music Schemes when your child is in third class. You apply for either the singing scheme or the instrumental scheme. Places are limited to one scheme per child. The application form is now available HERE