New Subsidised MUSIC SCHEME to begin….read more…

The New Subsidised Music Scheme for 2016 was initiated by Angela and Robert in response to the creative and arts & cultural needs of the youth in their local surrounding communities. The Music Scheme is devised to include 3 core elements of Music Education.

1. Instrumental tuition on either wind or strings.

2. To study music theory as a subject to improve musical reading and writing skills.

3 To become part of an orchestra and gain experience playing with others as well as enjoyment.

There is no other scheme as such in the county and we are hopeful that we can continue to offer this scheme each year to another twenty new pupils. The Scheme is subsidised through ongoing fundraising events and this year we were most grateful to receive a small grant from the Department of Education. We also received a donation from the local community choir of St Leonards Parish for which we are also most grateful.

On Thursday 8th September. We have twenty new pupils from surrounding primary schools ready to embark on a new journey with us here in the KSM for the next four years. These pupils are all in third class and will begin their weekly music studies with up to sixth class. They will receive instrumental tuition, Music Theory studies and become part of SWOPS South Wexford Orchestra for Primary Schools.

We will keep you posted on their progress!